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Want to Know The Shocking Reason Why Catt Sadler Quit E! News?

It’s always in the hardest of times that we get to find the best of friends, those that will stick to us and provide us with a shoulder to lean on. Things were not any different for Catt Sadler when she made her up her mind to quit E! News in December 2017.

Sadler revealed in an interview to PEOPLE that the decision was a result of her realization that her male co-host, Jason Kennedy, was earning close to double her salary and of the fact that her pleas to increase her salary had fallen on deaf ears.

After 12 years, Sadler confidently announced that she was quitting her job at one of the biggest celebrity networks. And as you’d imagine, of course, this came as a shock to many of her fans. The reporter was shocked and upset that what was once her dream job turned out to be heaven to her co-host and hell for her. Will she be blacklisted? And will she lose it all? Those are some of her worries about quitting E! she admitted to PEOPLE.

Luckily for Sadler, seems she always have a large number of friends whom she can chat with and laugh with. One of them is Jeniffer Lawrence, who supported her decision to leave and encouraged her throughout the process.

Nonetheless, leaving E! did not tear Sadler apart and she got up stronger than ever. She attributes her growth and strength not only to her hosting and freelancing work but also to a production company she operates, as well as her podcast – Naked – which she launched recently.

It is through this podcast that she invites women and interviews them on different matters, including her best friend, Jenifer Lawrence. Rising and standing tall amidst all challenges is a lesson women should learn from Sadler – you deserve equal pay!

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