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You Wouldn’t Believe How Young Meghan Markle Was When She Began Working!

Meghan Markle began may be a princess now, but this young woman is by no means spoiled. From a young age, Meaghan always knew how to take care of herself financially. She was first hired by Paula Sheftel when she was only thirteen years old to serve as a frozen yogurt attendant, at Humphrey Yogart. Not only did she start young, but Meghan was also a diligent employee who was widely loved by her customers.

She used to dedicate ten to twelve hours a week to work and would get paid an hourly wage of $4. Meghan would first attend her classes in school. Later on, she would work part-time shifts during school days and work full-time on the weekends. Meghan’s former employer, Paula Sheftel, takes credit for training her into becoming a very skilled and hardworking person. Paula could not hide her joy, as she was talking about her excitement upon learning of Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry.

Sheftel was also proud of Meghan for becoming a sincere and confident lady. She further took credit for instilling in her the skills of being genuine and maintaining good eye contact with people. Those skills, she said, would be beneficial to Meghan as she and her family travel the world. Meghan sufficiently proved that she could be at good terms with people thanks to her easy-going personality.

Paura seems proud of her once protegee and praises the hard work young Meghan put into earning some money after schooling daily. She worked hard to help her mother meet some of their family’s necessities as her parents had separated much earlier. “She comes from humble beginnings like most of us. I’m now wondering if all my team want to be princesses. I’m sure she remembers it fondly. Her dog is named Bogart – maybe there’s a link?” Paula fondly reminisced about Meghan’s days as a yogurt attendant.

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