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Common Accidents at Home and What to Do About Them

Home is where we want to be after a tiring day at work. It is everyone’s comfort zone and a safe haven. Make no mistakes because even in the safest of places, danger lurks and could strike anytime. As such, it is good to be prepared.

Below are the top most common accidents that could happen at home and what to do when they happen:


Most cases of poisoning involve household products, cosmetics, and medicines. Keeping these things out of the reach of children is important.


Children can drown even in very shallow water. It is important to supervise them at all times, especially when they are near garden ponds, baths, and other water features.


People of all ages can trip and fall, but this is very common among the young and the old. Often, falling as a child hurts one’s self-esteem, so it is important to console the victim with soothing words. However, if the fall causes the drowsiness, unconsciousness, and vomiting, it is important to seek medical check-up to make sure the head is fine, and that there’s is no sprain.

“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” L.R. Knost 


Accidentally cutting yourself means that one will bleed. This can be very challenging when dealing with children. Pressure should be applied on the cut area to stop the bleeding and let the blood clot, then apply an antiseptic. Assess the cut, and if it is minor, the bleeding will stop. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek emergency help. 


Hitting something accidentally with force could result in a  bruise, and it can be quite painful. Apply a cold pack or a packet of frozen peas to the area to prevent swelling. In cases where the pain does not stop, seek medical help.


When children are moving around on their own, they could mess a lot of things at home. For instance, they may try to access items that they cannot reach. That is dangerous because these items could fall on them. Be conscious about their safety and make sure any trailing electrical leads and tablecloth edges are out of their grasp to prevent accidents. 


A sprain occurs when a ligament that is connected to a joint is stretched, twisted, or torn. The most commonly affected body parts are the knees, wrists, and ankles. Should this happen, apply an ice pack from your first aid kit in the affected area and give it time. Whether the pain persists or not, it is wise to see the doctor for further assessment on the gravity of the sprain. Not all broken things appear so on sight.


Hot liquids cause most of the burns and scalds at home. Keep the children away from cookers, irons, hair straighteners, matches, open fires, and anything that generates heat. Any burn should be held under running cold water for about ten minutes. Assess. Plastic bag or cling film can help cover the burns and let them heal.


Broken glass can cut the skin, leading to a serious injury. The use and possession of glass items should be considered when the children are at home. Keep the children away from glass materials. Use a loaf of bread to effectively remove any pieces of broken glass on the floor and immediately inspect if the child has cuts from the broken glass. Also, consult your doctor.


Often, children are fascinated by things and are curious. One way of satisfying their curiosity is by putting things into their mouth. Their curiosity could bring danger because they may chock on the object, especially if it is small. This is a common hazard. Be careful when trying to dislodge the object from the child as doing it the wrong way might even push the object down the throat. Also, rush the kid to the nearest emergency care as soon as possible.


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