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Jason Aldean – Nashville – $7 Million

This talented country singer has released no less than eight albums and 24 singles since he joined the record company Broken Bow Records, many of which were hits. Staying close to his roots was of top priority to Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, which led them to purchase a 12 acres estate in the lush green Nashville. This mansion was purchased for $5.36 Million in 2016 and was sold in February 2019 for $7 Million. The lucky new owner will most definitely enjoy it’s 6 spacious bedrooms, 9 well-planned bathrooms, life-size bowling alley, wine cellar, and a wet bar. Other highlights of this natural themed property include a built-up area of 8,900 square feet, a castle-like appearance, an impressive combination of stone and greenery, and a wine cellar.

Pat Sajak – Glendale – $699,000

Pat Sajak, a renowned Television personality, is known for more than just his on-screen presence. In the recent past, Mr. Sajak owned a house that was built back in the beginning of the 20th century, but that’s not the only thing that made this house special. This property was re-vamped using new age technology while keeping intact its olden day rustic charm, and its estimated worth was $699,000. However, this television star could not enjoy the luxuries of his new stylist celebrity home as his wife sold the house after their divorce. No harm done though, as The legendary host of “The Wheel Of Fortune” and his well-funded bank account have the capacity to own many such houses in the future.

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