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How To Stop Aging And Look Timeless

Women lead a hard life of keeping up because society has dictated that aging reduces beauty. Today, men and women alike are taking desperate measures to slow don the process of aging. Even men nowadays wanted to slow the aging process; they use various products and undergo different procedures in this regard.  

Aging is a state of mind. It cannot simply be put as the time you have spent in this world. You need to go beyond the chemicals and bear in mind that when you think of the world as a better place, you will have fewer worries and less stress. With less stress, you look radiantly younger.

Here are some secrets to looking young:

 Limit Your Sugar Consumption 

Sugar is a leading cause of aging. Sugar, even in small amounts, dehydrates the skin, causes the development of wrinkles, and fastens the aging process. Glycation is a process whereby sugar enters the bloodstream and binds to proteins and other skin’s building blocks. This results in toxic compounds such as advanced glycation end products, which cause sagging of the skin, wrinkles, and the dark circles around the eyes.

 Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep-deprived women show early signs of aging. They also have a decreased ability of the skin to recover after exposure to the sun. In one study, women were exposed to UV light, and their skins observed. The bad sleepers had uneven skin color and sagging skin while the good sleepers were found to recover from skin damage quickly.


 Quit Smoking 

If you want to age fast, by all means, go ahead and start smoking.  Nicotine makes you look older than your actual age, and it shortens your life. As such, avoid primary and secondary smoke. Cigarette smoke destroys key elements that maintain a youthful appearance such as elastin and collagen. It also destroys the hair and teeth.

 Eat Healthily

To have a glowing skin, you should eat the right foods. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Fruits have great amounts of antioxidants and are also good hydrants. Do not forget to have Vitamin C-rich foods. 

 Befriend Tea

Tea is undeniably full of antioxidants and many other cancer-fighting compounds. Do you know how human cells age? Telomeres are protective caps found at the end of DNA strands. When the cells split, telomeres shorten a bit, and this prevents the old cells from replicating properly.

Studies have shown that devoted tea drinkers have significantly longer telomeres than those who don’t drink tea—the antioxidants in the tea help maintain your telomeres. However, tea helps only men to stay young because women have feminine hormones that provide the same protection.

 Eat Nuts

Walnuts are all-round anti-aging food.  They not only do wonder on the inside but they also bring out your best outside appearance. Packed with B Vitamins, walnuts promote the development of a smooth and youthful skin. They also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, so they help in the prevention of skin cancer.

 Be Happy 

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” — Michael Pritchard 

Stress is detrimental to your physical and mental health. To prevent stress, your outlook toward life is important. It is in how you perceive life that determines your happiness, and what you feel inside will radiate on the outside. When you love and live a stress-free life, your skin tone improves.


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