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Country Stars: Where Are They Now?


Music has the power to alter emotions. It can soothe anxiety and help turn it into joy. It can even prove beneficial when battling depression. For whatever purpose we listen to music, there is no doubt that its quality depends on the artist, and if the artist is able to produce good music, we remember him or her for the rest of our lives. We remember the lyrics to their songs, even if we heard them years ago. The following list aims to reacquaint you (or introduce you in case you are younger) to some of the most popular country musicians that dominated the country music scene from the ‘50s to the 2000s, although some of them continue to entertain us to this day. Youll be shocked to discover what some of them are up to now.

Kenny Rogers – Currently Performing on His Farewell Tour

Born in 1938 in Houston, Texas, Kenny Rogers has topped the music charts in various genres with about 120 of his singles and has sold more than 100 million of his records around the world. His albums The Gambler (released in 1978) and Kenny (released in 1979) both made it to the list published by for the most influential albums in country music history. He gave us some of the best country songs, including his own all-time favorite The Gambler. Unfortunately, now that his hair is mostly, if not all, white (although with minimal hair loss), Kenny Rogers has decided to retire, and went on his farewell tour, calling it The Gambler’s Last Deal, an ode to his favorite song, around the world. He is still on this tour.

Lynn Anderson – Died Of a Heart Attack in 2015

Lynn Anderson ’s song, Rose Garden, became a megahit around the world, which helped establish her as one of the most popular country music stars in the ‘70s. She has topped the charts around 12 times throughout her career, an uncommon feat for a musician to achieve. More proof that she was a legend lies in the fact that the Academy of Country Music named Anderson the Top Female Vocalist twice, and the Country Music Association named her Female Vocalist of the Year. She left us in 2015 after suffering from a heart attack, but her legacy lives on for all female country musicians, who have Anderson to look up to as a strong role model.

Juice Newton – Sporadic Performer and a Trader of European Horses

Her real name is Judy Kay Newton, but she called herself Juice ever since the beginning of her career and it was settled: Juice Newton. Born in 1952, Newton kickstarted her career by forming a band with Tom Kealey as well as Otha Young called Juice Newton & Silver Spur, which released three albums before disbanding in 1977. Her solo career took-off with her first solo song titled It’s a Heartache and several of her albums have become Gold or Platinum, including her 1981 album, Juice. Nowadays, Newton continues to work as a musician, although not in the same prolific manner as she used to, and also trades in European horses. She lost her long-time partner in music, Otha Young, to cancer in 2009, after having worked together for 37 years, so things are definitely not the same in music for Newton as they were at the peak of her career.

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