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Health Threats Often Ignored By Health Insurance Companies

Acts of God such as sinkholes and plane crashes or nightmares of other types receive attention from health insurance companies and plenty of media coverage. However, there are a number of other events which are responsible for a fair share of injuries and fatalities which are often ignored by health insurance companies and the media alike but certainly qualify. If you are wondering what we are talking about, continue reading and learn about some of the ways people can wind up in the emergency room or even the morgue and not receive the financial attention they deserve.

What Are The Health Threats That Are Often Ignored By Health Insurance Companies?


Human bites can be just as dangerous a threat if not treated properly and timely.

Would you believe that biting is a health threat which deserves attention from health insurance companies? If not, you may find this information surprising. A study conducted in the United Kingdom has estimated that one person visits the emergency room for the treatment of biting wounds inflicted by another person. Studies have also indicated that people are biting each other every 12 minutes. The studies can be ignored as a result of fights between two individuals but the incidents are occurring during activities such as athletics and physical intimacy. Most of the incidents are not reported but when the biting results in an infection because of bacteria from the mouth it becomes difficult to hide the fact bringing to the forefront the need for medical attention.

Cute Animals

Hippos are killing more people than a combination of sharks, snakes, wolves, and spiders.

A combination of funny movies and cartoons has given people a false sense of security with cute animals such as dogs. Sadly, man’s best friend is sending 13,000 people to the hospital every year for medical attention. Dogs are generally not considered as threats and incidents are often not reported. However, animals like hippos, bison and similar varieties look endearing enough for people to push them to become violent. Hippos alone are killing more people than a combination of sharks, jellyfish, snakes, wolves, and spiders and are definitely a health threat that deserves attention.

Vacuum Cleaners

If you believe vacuum cleaners cannot harm people by themselves, you will also believe that people can harm themselves with vacuum cleaners. Despite being the perfect device for cleaning the home or office, people have devised methods by which they can hurt or kill themselves when using vacuum cleaners. Curious young men have become victims of vacuum cleaners when they attempted to have amorous relationships with these devices and they are also known as the device of choice among doctors that have chosen to replace forceps at the tool of choice for assisting the delivery of infants during traditional and C-section births. Vacuum cleaners have the potential to cause serious damage and the fact needs to be understood by people and as well as the medical fraternity which should be at all times looking forward to diminishing health threats of any kind.

Work Can Also Be A Health Threat That Needs Attention

The CDC estimates that working hard is a leading cause for injuries in the United States.

Being that our desks are not the only thing which is harming our bodies. The Center For Disease Control {CDC} has mentioned that unintentional exertion of the body which is in simple terms also known as working extra hard is one of the leading causes of injury within the United States. Working extra hard may definitely bring in the extra moolah which may be desired, especially among people between the ages of 24 and 65. However, it also holds the number two position for nonfatal hospitalizations. It must be understood that the problem is not just associated with physical jobs like construction and heavy equipment. People who have desk jobs are also susceptible to this health threat because they may find it difficult to lift something in excess of their capacity or simply dehydrate themselves because they haven’t had enough water.

Is The Million-Dollar Fart A Health Threat That Needs Attention?

Pain in the abdomen results in 8 million admissions to the emergency room every year in America and it is on its way to becoming one of the leading causes of hospitalizations. Out of the 8 million admissions, about 17% are diagnosed as serious afflictions of the million-dollar Fart because the diagnosis can only be concluded after conducting an ultrasound or a CT scan and even exploratory surgery. A combination of these elements which are considered as the standard for the evaluation also results in some serious expenditure apart from increasing the chances of people being exposed to radiation. Unfortunately, people suffering from this condition rarely receive any attention from health insurance companies making everyone believe insurers are just looking for media coverage.

After reading through this discussion, would you want to have a discussion with your insurers to understand whether you are covered for the health effects mentioned above? You may consider it unworthy to involve an insurance company to provide this information to you. However, learning about the problems will never hurt you and it would any day be better to be informed than remain ignorant of these health threats which certainly exist and can cause untold miseries to you.

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