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Scientists Create A New Pill That Might Stop Diabetes In Its Tracks

Type 2 diabetes breakthrough: Scientists create the first pill that not only STOPS the condition in its tracks but also helps patients lose weight – and it could be available on the NHS within three years.

Scientists Working In a Lab

Things to know about this new pill:

  • Semaglutide allowed 71% of patients to shed pounds from their waistline
  • Some treatments can trigger slight weight gain, which can fuel type 2 diabetes
  • If it becomes worse, patients need insulin injections – which can be unpleasant to the health.
  • The pill, taken alongside metformin, could stop the condition from worsening
  • Experts have welcomed the findings of the phase II trial, published in JAMA
  • Scientists have created a new pill that can halt type 2 diabetes in its tracks and help patients shed pounds from their waistlines, a major study has revealed.

During the trial of this pill on 632 patients, results show that Semaglutide allowed 71% of them to shed pounds, bye to unnecessary weight and this offers a lot of patients some relief. So, there is a conclusion or more of a belief that this is the first type 2 diabetes pill to set off weight loss. That is to say, there has never been any medication given to any type 2 diabetes patient which also instigates weight loss, asides from just inhibiting the activeness of type 2 diabetes except for Semaglutide.

In light of treatment of type 2 diabetes, researchers hope this new pill “Semaglutide” will provide a better way to regulate and take charge of this hidden killer, because some treatments that claim to be capable of this function and of which are currently available have a high possibility to trigger unexpected weight gain in such patients, due to this; the type 2 diabetes grow stronger in the body.

Results from the phase II trial which was done by the Leicester Diabetes Centre were published in the prestigious JAMA. Hence, Semaglutide could be available on the NHS within three years from now.

This new super-powered pill was dispensed as a supplement to patients that are already taking Metformin- this happens to be the drug which is the first line of defense aimed to control the preventable condition.

Researchers discovered Semaglutide halted type 2 diabetes in its tracks, slashed blood sugar levels and prevented patients from needing insulin.

Type 2 diabetes can lead to heart failure, blindness, and leg amputations and is considered a global time bomb. It is believed that someone’s life expectancy with type 2 diabetes is likely to be reduced by up to 10 years as a result of the condition. This condition is caused by having excess glucose in the blood because the body’s way of turning it into energy is not working effectively.

As the condition progresses, sufferers often need to stay on a healthy diet, exercise regularly and a combination of medications are administered to the sufferer to manage it.

Escalation of obesity rates has triggered a 65 percent rise in diagnoses in a decade, with a population of more than 4 million people now living with this deadly condition, UK data shows. Globally there are 380 million patients with this condition.

Charities have warned the NHS will become crippled by the burden of the condition without urgent action to make changes to today’s lifestyles.

The lead author, Professor Melanie Davies, described the results as ‘hugely promising’ and said they show ‘semaglutide’s ability to lower HbA1c and support weight loss’.

Lead author Professor Melanie Davies said taking semaglutide as a pill may provide relief to some diabetics who ‘struggle to inject themselves.’ She said, “For some patients, injectable therapies are a problem, so having something available orally makes it more accessible to some patients.” ‘We know that it is a bit of a barrier to people and anything that makes treatment more accessible and easier has got to be seen as good”.

In addition, Professor Davies said ‘Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition with potentially devastating complications which is posing a major challenge to health services across the world because of the increasing numbers of people developing it.

‘These results demonstrating semaglutide’s ability to have a significant impact on lowering HbA1c and support weight loss when taken orally, therefore, are hugely promising.’

Conclusively, a lot of experts have welcomed the ‘encouraging’ findings on this new pill.

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