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Celebrities or any other person who is high profile aren’t usually perceived as people with great intellect. They are often just seen as pretty faces who enjoy their million dollar fortunes by spending on lavish and luxurious things. A lot of them struggled with jobs with a meager salary, some attended college or university, and others, well, struggled with financial problems such as mortgages and loans as well. But no matter what happened in their past or what they did to become famous was all part of their way towards success. Below you’ll find information about 100 celebrities IQ and how their lives were before they even became famous. You’ll be surprised that some of them had the same routine, probably the same job, or even studied at the best universities available. It just shows you how to not judge a book by its cover. Let’s take a look at some names that may shock you with their outstanding IQs.

You Won’t Believe How High Their IQ Is

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