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Celeb Kids All Grown Up – They Are Set For Life Thanks To Financial Advisors Who Invested In Trust Funds For Them

There are many things that separate celebrities from everyday people, from their bank accounts to what car they drive and how big a house they live in. However, there’s one task that every person on earth finds hard to pull off, and that’s the task of raising a child. Whether you’re famous or not, that doesn’t change the difficulty of being a parent. Apart from that, there are numerous cases when celebrity kids couldn’t stand being in the spotlight for years, seeking relief from substance or alcohol abuse, particularly when the parents get a divorce. From that aspect, being a celebrity parent becomes even more demanding and costly – with the money they need to spend for rehab or lawyers. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous celebrity kids.

Dylan Frances Penn – Sean Penn

Sean Penn married Robin Wright in 1996 and they had a child together. That child is Dylan Frances Penn, the beautiful blonde lady who first hit the showbiz as a model. She aspired to make it big and to create a personal credit report that would compare to her father’s. Though she definitely has the looks, it seems that she has opted not to continue appearing in catwalks, and she followed in her father’s footsteps instead – becoming an actress. Her parents may be divorced since 2010, but that didn’t seem to affect her mental health at all.

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