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Easy Nutrition Tricks that Will Help You Start Living Healthier

Let’s face it. There is a growing need to live a healthy lifestyle today because many diseases are arising from the way we live. Paying no attention to the food you eat and not doing exercise are just some of the reasons for the rise of life-style-related diseases. Diseases like diabetes can easily be avoided if you decide to control what you consume daily.

So how does one manage to live a healthy lifestyle and manage to have proper nutrition? We have gathered some simple but essential tips that will help you start your journey to a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to start everything at once! Check out these proposals and see which is the easiest for you to start with:

 Drink Lots of Water

Research shows that the human body contains about 60% of water, which is mostly carried on muscle mass while some also on fat tissues. Our body requires water to enable all the organs to function properly. Optimization of metabolism also requires water in the body. Water is also needed in the body for boosting energy levels, and so is the case for good digestion. Many people drown their thirst with sweetened and chemical-filled beverages. Don’t make that mistake! Nothing can replace water.

Eat Plenty of Plants and Vegetables

Eating more plants is one sure way of keeping your body healthy. This is because these are natural foods and have a chemical composition in them which our body requires. When you consume these plants in their natural and fresh state, it’s a real treat for your body. Plants provide many things essential to our health like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, micronutrients, among many others. These colorful gems also act like natural drugs to our body, boosting your mood as well as your energy. While you also need macronutrients like fats and proteins, plant-based foods should be the better part of your diet.

Eat and Drink Often

While many believe that you should eat three times a day, it’s essential to have a good eating pattern that works for you. Some people tend to overeat when they consume three meals a day, and overeating is not healthy. If you are one of those people, consider having a 6-meal model where you can eat often but have it in small bits. This will improve your energy level and will also prevent you from over-eating. It is essential to be mindful of your habits and not sick to traditional concepts. If you eat two or three big meals a day, that leave you heavy and bloated, you can break all that down into eating lightly by spreading it throughout the day.

Eat Mindfully

This may seem funny, but yes, you need to eat with a focused mind. One way to do this is by limiting distractions during eating time. It is proven that 40% of nutrients are not being absorbed properly if you don’t have a focused mind while eating. It also makes you more aware of your station and helps prevent overeating. We know you like watching TV, or staring at your phone while eating, but you need to avoid anything that will take your attention off the food.

Avoid Processed Foods

While it may be impossible to avoid processed foods entirely, it is highly recommended that you steer clear of them as much as you can. These are foods stored for some time in most cases, an extended period. To survive that, these foods contain a high level of chemicals, which is not good for you. You can consider making your natural homemade food and store them for a short period. Read labels of processed foods carefully to avoid consuming expired food or contaminated food.

Include Healthy Fats In Your Diet

While having a lot of fat in the body is considered not healthy, you need healthy fats for your body too. A lot of immune-supporting vitamins like beta-carotene or Vitamin E and Vitamin D require a fatty diet which helps in absorption. Avocado, coconut, and almonds are just a small fraction of the variety of foods that are rich in healthy fats.

Make Sure to Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Protein-rich foods are vital in the body because they help with keeping blood sugar level optimal. You also need proteins to limit reflux as well to support muscles. In most cases, plant-based protein foods are the best for this, but this vital nutrient can be found in many animal-based foods as well.


These tips are vital in putting you in the right direction to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Considering how many diseases can be avoided by keeping the right nutrition, we hope you start implementing them today!

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