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Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Feeling Fully Energized with Their Raw Vegan Diet

Rosario Dawson and her relatively new boyfriend, Cory Booker, seem to share the same values when it comes to nutrition.

Booker, who happens to be a presidential candidate for the 2020 elections, decided to go fully vegan almost two decades ago. Dawson fell in love with veganism after spending a while feasting solely on plant-based diets and felt the positive effect it had on her.

According to Dawson, being vegan-and-raw helps her maintain sound health and a peaceful mind. She also says it improves the quality of her to rest during the day. As a vegan, she feels full yet not weighty as she doesn’t have to deal with any uncomfortable feeling or tiredness after her meals. Speaking with PEOPLE on a recent interview, Dawson disclosed that one thing she likes most about being vegan is the fresh energy that comes with it.

Because of her busy lifestyle, the actress is very attentive to what she eats. When asked about her nutritional choices, Rosario responded that “To me, nutrition is very important and whenever I go shopping, I make sure to select the foods which can give me the finest dose of nutrients I want.”

A breakdown of her daily meal pattern of Breakfast-Snack-lunch-Snack-Dinner, reveals that her total daily calorie intake is an impressive but small 1,686 calories. Not too bad for an all-plant-based diet!

Dawson’s vegan diet is pretty sleek too. Because it is based on vegetable, her menu helps her load up on potassium and fiber. These vital nutrients keep her blood pressure healthy and sustain a healthy digestive system. The smoothie she has for breakfast is loaded with protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamin C. This helps the star start her day with more than enough energy to spare. Her snacks also include raw garlic sauce, and this helps to keep inflammation down to a minimum.


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