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Magnificent Celebrity Cars – This Calls For a Special Kind of Car Insurance!

Justin Timberlake – Volkswagen Jetta – $28,000

The 38-year-old pop singer Justin Timberlake took the world by storm as part of the popular boy band NSync in the 1990s. Being an ambitious young lad, he announced his retirement from the boy band and continued on an extremely successful solo career. Songs like Cry Me a River and Can’t Stop the Feeling are constantly playing over the radio reminding us of his stardom and talents. With a bank account running deep in the millions Timberlake can afford any luxury vehicle his heart desires. Yet, Timberlake has been seen driving a modest 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. Of course, the prince of pop wouldn’t only drive a Jetta. It is reported that he has a few Audis, a Jeep Cherokee and a Pontiac GTO.  Maybe he is keeping the Jetta to maintain a low-profile when driving around the city.

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