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Celebs And Their Parents At The Same Age – That’s What We Call Gene Inheritance, Their Successor Is Their Anti-Aging

There is no shortcut to becoming successful in life unless one of your parents is already well-established in the industry and can get you in through the back door. Hollywood is one such industry, although sometimes getting a DNA test is necessary to figure out the real father of a celebrity’s child. However, most of the time, the children of celebrities look a lot like their parents and easily step into the same industry which has paid for their expensive upbringing as well as their parent’s retirement planning scheme. Here is a list of all those celebrity children who look a lot like, if not exactly like, their parents when they were young. Some pairs are bound to shock you!

Scott Eastwood & Clint Eastwood At Age 31

Clint Eastwood, as of 2015, had a net worth of $375 million, which is evidence of the glorious success he saw during his peak years. So, it was only natural for fans to expect his son to make great strides in the business, considering his uncanny resemblance to his father, especially Eastwood’s famous jawline and squinting eyes. At 31 years of age, Scott has had some success, including a leading role in The Longest Ride and supporting roles in big Hollywood productions like Fury, and Suicide Squad. But let’s not forget that Clint Eastwood saw true success after turning 33 when he starred in A Fistful of Dollars, so maybe there is still hope for young Scott.

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