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The Most Expensive Celeb Divorces – Who Needs Mortgage or Insurance When You Have “Loans” From a Rich Ex?

Everybody loves seeing pairs in Hollywood just fall in love and start a family together. Everybody loves seeing what kind of celebrity wedding dress such brides would wear and what elegant weddings these people would have. Even if couples may seem madly in love at first, things don’t always turn out as planned and they end up filing for divorce. Some find themselves in a nasty divorce even if they have been married for over a decade. Divorces don’t come cheap and even if it is a non-affordable divorce to normal people, these known names don’t really see it that way because they have a fortune in their bank accounts. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Hollywood divorces and see how much each of them had cost.

Harold & Sue Ann Hamm: $1 Billion

Harold and Sue Ann Hamm’s divorce was sure as expensive or even more expensive than their actual wedding. Harold Hamm was a very wealthy man because of his success as an Oklahoma gas and oil executive. The two used to be madly in love with each other but when it came to their divorce papers and divorce mediation, they didn’t back off without a fight. Harold initially was going to settle the divorce with writing a check to Sue amounting to $974.8 million, but it appeared like she wasn’t satisfied. With the help of her divorce lawyer, she was able to fight for more money and take home a total of $1 billion.

Steve & Elaine Wynn: $1 Billion

Steve and Elaine Wynn earned their billion-dollar fortune through being casino bigwigs. We’re not sure how their relationship was because they had their fair share of experiences when it came to their breakup. While others part ways after one divorce, this wasn’t the case for this couple. They already had their first divorce back in 1986 but decided to get back together. It seems like couples treatment won’t really work for them because the two ended up filing for divorce again in 2010. It’s not confirmed if there was any infidelity or adultery involved, but Elaine was able to get around $1 billion from the divorce.

Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone: $1.2 Billion

Slavica Eccleston is a former model who was married to Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie had a billion-dollar net worth through his success as a Formula One car-racing tycoon. Bernie had billions in his name and his family’s name so when he and Slavica filed for a divorce, the settlement amounted to billions, too. Reportedly, Slavica was able to receive a total of $1.2 billion from the whole divorce settlement. Maybe Bernie should have hired a prenup lawyer to fix a prenup before they got married so that he wouldn’t have lost over a billion from his account.

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