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These Beautiful Celebrity Houses Will Amaze You – They Sure Are Living The Dream!

Henry Fonda – New York, $9.9 Million

Henry Fonda was an American actor, who grace both film and stage with his boundless charm. He had a long career that spanned the better part of five decades. Some of his films are now considered classic, in part due to the image he cultivated as an actor. The performances he also had universal critical acclaim with him winning an Academy Award from two nominations. He did not need assisted living facilities

He owned a beautiful townhouse built the year 1878. The house on 151 easts 74th St. went on the market at $12.45 but was sold for $9.9 million. The townhouse stands on great real estate and has great colonial charm. It was given landmark status in 2011. Fonda bought the house in 1949 and had his wedding there in 1957.

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