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These Beautiful Celebrity Houses Will Amaze You – They Sure Are Living The Dream!

Tina Turner – Nice, France – Undisclosed Value

80-year-old Tina Turner must have found fulfillment in her home in southern France until it was time for the Swiss-born to go back home. The dual citizen (American and Swiss) must have sung her way into many hearts during her prime years, but she is a very private person. It’s probably why she acquired this home right between mountains and woods saturated with wildlife. The interior of the home was reincarnated after turner filled it with a collection of Greek, Roman and Indian décor, sculptures and collections. Most designs of the home are made by designers John Huniford and Steven Sills. The home is adorned with bronze chandeliers, an alabaster copy from Villa Kerylos, sculptures depicting Roman pottery and cultures, Greek motifs and more. A dining table made with ebony and bronze designed by Andre Dubreuil, a basement spa, and numerous rooms which were designed by Bruno Guistini. Although Turner has another home in Zurich, she calls this Riviera home ‘My refuge.’

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