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Keanu Reeves Is a Hero in Real Life As Well, According to This Fan

If you know Keanu Reeves mostly for the characters he plays, you might see him as a ruthless killer. His biggest fans, however, see the truth: Keanu is just one of the nicest guys ever. He was seen countless times riding the subway in New York, and committing random acts of kindness to strangers and fans he meets. To indulge the fans and to educate those of you who still don’t know this side of the actor, here is one more anecdote for you.

The year is 2001, sixteen-year-old James Dator was bored in the box office, waiting for his shift to end. Suddenly Keanu Reeves shows up to buy a ticket for the movie. Dator explained that he was shocked and couldn’t find the words to respond as he would have liked to. The box office boy tried to make an agreement with Keanu offering his employee’s discount in exchange for the John Wick’s star autograph, But things didn’t work out as Dator had expected. Keanu answered that he didn’t work there, so he paid the full price of the ticket, and his poor fan couldn’t articulate his request.

Defeated Dator was about to pitty himself when someone knocked at the box office’s door. At first, he thought it was his manager. You can imagine his surprise when he opened the door only to find it was Keanu Reeves on the other side!

Apparently, Mr. Reeves realized the intentions behind Dator’s fiasco and hence, he extended James a ticket from the candy bar, which was duly signed by Keanu. He told his exited fan that he realized that this is what he intended to tell him before. The funny fact behind this story is that minutes before the actor surprised him, James Dator saw Keanu buying an ice cream cone and throwing it away to the garbage. We’re guessing he didn’t want any ice cream; he just needed to get a piece of paper to sign his autograph.

Bravo Keanu!

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