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Jaw Dropping Stylish And Expensive Celebrity Houses That Exude Panache

Pat Sajak – Glendale – $699,000

Pat Sajak, a renowned Television personality, is known for more than just his on-screen presence. In the recent past, Mr. Sajak owned a house that was built back in the beginning of the 20th century, but that’s not the only thing that made this house special. This property was re-vamped using new age technology while keeping intact its olden day rustic charm, and its estimated worth was $699,000. However, this television star could not enjoy the luxuries of his new stylist celebrity home as his wife sold the house after their divorce. No harm done though, as The legendary host of “The Wheel Of Fortune” and his well-funded bank account have the capacity to own many such houses in the future.


Bob Barker – Los Angeles – $2.1 Million

Bob Barker’s spacious house in Los Angeles might not be made to suit the fancy of the younger generations, but definitely has a unique charm to it. The architecture of this contemporary themed house is inspired by the artwork of the Greek and Roman era, which makes it hard to believe that it was built in a budget of only $2.1 million. At the age of 95, this iconic figure in the game show industry had his house fully equipped with modern day luxuries that can keep any man happy in his retirement days. Given the amount of money spent and the numerous numbers of hours put into building this house, we can only wonder and perhaps hope that this house has good insurance, as it is indeed a splendid work of art.

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