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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear! These Myths about Health Insurance are Simply Not True

There are several health insurance myths that you might have heard of, and probably believed too. Some prevalent beliefs are true sometimes, but unless you’re in the system, you might not know what to think and what not to. Without further ado, you are going to learn about a few of these myths and what is genuinely obtainable in the world of Health Insurance.

Myth 1: As A Healthy And Young Individual, I Shouldn’t Be Worried About Health Insurance.

This is a prevalent myth about health insurance. However, for younger individuals, health insurance is quite cheap because older people tend to suffer from more illnesses. Older people’s health insurance premium tends to increase because of this sole factor. The truth is, if you are still young and you get a health insurance cover, we’re happy to let you know that that is about the wisest decision you can ever make!

Myth 2: You Can Get Coverage on Pre-Existing Diseases from the Onset

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not accurate. Generally, you are to have a 30-day-waiting period no matter the health policy you choose, except in accident cases. While for pre-existing diseases, the waiting period is 2-4 years. Our advice? Do some serious online-research on the health coverage of your choice before picking one that suits you. You must also try to understand the terms and conditions, inclusions, the sum assured, and many more extensions. It is only after reading the policy that you can make a suitable choice.

Myth 3: My Family And I Already Have a Corporate Plan, So We’re Covered

If your employer’s health insurance plan has covered you, you are good to go, but that may not be all. A personal health insurance plan may still be a wise investment, and this is because you never know if and when you might be dismissed from work. Once you stop working in an organization, the corporate health insurance seizes to exist. But if you already have personal coverage, you will depend less on your employer’s insurance and rest assured of the coverage from your private health insurance.

 Myth 4: Declaring All My Pre-Existing Diseases Isn’t Necessary

Honesty pays in any way you want to look at it. That is why it is important to declare all your pre-existing diseases. If you do, you will get a chance of having those ailments covered during the post-waiting period. On the other hand, if you do not declare all of your pre-existing illnesses, the insurer might take data off your claimed medical history, thereby being able to reject any claim you might make after that.

Myth 5: You Must Be Hospitalized For 24 Hours Before You Can Make Any Claim

Health insurance helps you receive good hospital treatment

This was actually true some years ago. However, nowadays, patients can get attended to and discharged within 24 hours. Such daycare treatments are done for processes involving dialysis, cataract surgery, lithography, chemotherapy, and many more. Most insurance companies would allow claims even on procedures that can be done within 24 hours.

Myth 6: Smoking Can Hinder Me from Getting A Health Insurance

If you have also nurtured this thought over the years, then you have been cultivating the wrong ideas. Whether you smoke or drink, you can be eligible for health insurance. However, you might be put through a strict process of pre-checkups and your health insurance premium might be higher than the amount payable by a non-smoker. That is because smokers are more prone to health issues than their non-smoking counterparts.

Myth 7: It Is Always Better To Have An Insurance Policy With More Daycare Processes

When you pick your health insurance coverage, the daycare processes carry considerable weight. So the 7th myth up here is just a huge misconception. An insurance policy with a long list of daycare procedures is likely to come with an equal list of do’s and don’ts, as well as terms and conditions that must be met before one can make any claims for daycare health coverage.

Myth 8: The Entire Hospital Bills Are Covered In the Health Insurance

As accurate as this sounds, the truth is quite the opposite. Health insurance companies will not take responsibility for all but part of your medical expenses. This is because their policy doesn’t cover items like an oxygen mask, thermometer, bandage, and the other consumables. Some health insurers provide limited plans on hospital bills and will not pay for every medication you’re treated with. It means you will have to pay from your own pocket for the services and products that aren’t covered by your insurance plan.

These are some of the popular myths surrounding health insurance plans, and since you have now been enlightened, you should know what you want and how to get the best out of health insurance policies.

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