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Your Medical Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Traveling abroad can be a thrilling experience, especially when you are with your family. A lot of people think that there is no need for insurance when traveling, but that could cost you should you fall sick.

To help you have a clearer idea of the ins and outs involved with medical travel insurance, here’s a compilation of frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers.

Do I need health insurance when you are traveling abroad?

Just like health insurance coverage comes in handy at home, it also helps you pay for your medical expenses when in another country. The difference is, as a foreigner in another country, you may face unique challenges when seeking medical attention. Insurance coverage helps protect you since it makes it easier to get prescription drugs, emergency evacuation, surgeries, and any healthcare needs that may be expensive.

Is travel health insurance compulsory when going abroad?

That depends on the country you want to visit. Many countries in the world don’t need you to be medically insured when visiting them. However, there are some that do. Click here to learn more about them.

What possible barriers can you face in other countries?

Lack of proper medical care or facilities is one of the challenges faced by some countries. Other regions pose health and safety risks for the people traveling to them. And in some countries, like China, language differences could be a significant barrier.

There are travel health insurance companies that offer medical facilities and care for their clients in multiple countries. You can take up a policy from them to guarantee yourself better chances in case anything unforeseen happens.

Does my current insurance plan cover me on international travel?

A lot of people assume that their existing medical insurance policy also provides coverage when they are traveling abroad. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some offer very little coverage, while others don’t cover you at all.

The best approach is to read the rules and regulations outlined in the clause or agreement contract of the policy. Before taking up health insurance, make sure your insurer or agent clearly explains to you the limits of the coverage.

What do travel insurance health policies cover?

Medical coverage can include anything from a simple consultation to surgeries and medical emergencies. While most insurance companies include emergency evacuations and repatriation in their coverage, some do not but instead list them as separate items.

It’s essential to read and understand what exactly is offered by your insurer before taking up the contract. If you suffer from chronic medical conditions, ensure it’s all covered in the contract. Failure to be thorough in evaluating your coverage can find you incurring out-of-pocket costs that can be quite expensive.

Who do you contact when you need medical attention while abroad?

The first thing you should know is that you need to carry a printout or a card of your insurance policy with you at all times. Carry a claim form with you, too, when you are traveling. Each insurance provider usually has a hotline for you to contact them with and a set of protocols to be followed during such events.

You can also get information about local doctors and hospitals from the United States Embassy. Organizers of an extensive travel program can also provide you with the necessary information or assistance.

How much does travel health insurance cost?

The price of your policy will be calculated based on several factors which include:

  • Your age – the older you are, the higher the cost
  • Your current medical condition – people with chronic medical conditions will be charged higher premiums
  • Duration of travel – the longer your stay will be, the more your insurer will charge you
  • Destination – some countries are considered more hazardous when it comes to viruses and other infectious illnesses

You can also visit insurance websites to check out free quotes and get an idea of how much they cost.

The cheapest insurance policies are not always the best to purchase. Their coverage is usually minimal. Instead, go for the more comprehensive ones that offer a wide range of possible medical cases in their clauses.

Getting yourself a well-rounded health insurance coverage when making international travel is a valuable investment. Even when the medical risk is less than 1%, don’t ignore it, or you may end up with financial difficulties that could significantly impact your life.

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