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Parents Visiting The USA For The First Time? Here’s Why And How You Can Get Them A Visitor’s Health Insurance

You could have moved to the United States just recently or could be residing there for a while. Whatever it is, your parents might want to visit and stay with you! The long journey to the US will be a memorable one, not only for you but your parents as well. But what if they fall sick in a foreign land or get themselves injured accidentally?

The US’s massive healthcare costs might be a concern if you do not have a health care policy cover. It will be a tough time for you to spend thousands of dollars to get your parents treated where an ambulance ride could cost you around $1200. To avoid such expensive treatments, you should buy a visitor’s health insurance For your parents to protect them from medical emergencies.

Why Do They Need Health Insurance Coverage?

The US’s healthcare cost is pretty high and will burn a hole in your pocket if they do not have insurance. So. it’s wise to go for visitor’s insurance, especially if your parents are making a long trip to America with pre-existing health-related complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Your elderly parents deserve the best medical care without costing a fortune.

Though hospitals in the United States are bound to treat anyone who requires emergency medical attention regardless of their ability to pay the medical bills, they are entitled to squeeze money out of your pocket in any condition. So paying for a visitor’s health insurance means, you’re safeguarding your loved ones from expensive medical emergencies.

What Kind of Medical Insurance You Should Buy For Parents?

Choosing visitor insurance could be a tricky job. You can opt for the ideal insurance evaluating the health condition of your parents. If your parents are not very old and consider them healthy enough to survive the brief tour, Fixed coverage plans will be ideal. That’s because they cost much more than the comprehensive ones. Sure the plans have certain limitations. But considering the pocket-friendly premiums, these are the plans for parents who don’t have pre-existing complexities.

The cheaper solution for visitor’s insurance might, however, not work always. For instance, if your parents are an elderly couple and they possess health issues. And these issues might get severe after their trip to the US.  In such cases, comprehensive insurance plans are a better choice. Comprehensive insurance plans usually cover major medical expenses, but the premium costs are high.

What Are Pre-Existing Condition Clauses?

The visitor insurance plans mostly don’t cover any pre-existing conditions that your parents might have before visiting the US. However, your insurance company may cover the acute pre-existing condition if the symptoms outbreak and the patient needs emergency medical attention.

Although the patient doesn’t have to go through any medical examination, there are many ways to define acute pre-existing conditions. You have to read the fine print to avail the pre-existing condition waivers.

How Much Policy Maximum Is Appropriate?

The golden rule for choosing the policy maximum is to go for more if your parents are senior citizens with health conditions. However, it all depends on their age and period of staying in the country. If they are over 70 years, then the standard coverage is up to $100,000, while a few companies are out there that provide healthcare coverage up to $250,000. For people over 80 years, there are certain restrictions. But for comprehensive coverage, you can avail of a policy maximum of up to $50,000.

Which Plans Work Best?

Another crucial aspect is to select your network when it comes to choosing your visiting insurance. It’s always better to go with  PPO plans, which are technically in-network healthcare systems and have cheaper rates. However, this plan’s drawback is that you have a handful of healthcare providers under this plan. And you do not want to spend your time during an emergency scouting for a doctor in your network. So, it is important to evaluate every insurance provider’s pros and cons in your region before picking one.

Although the insurance may seem like just another or an added expense, it is better to ready for emergencies. The last thing you want when your parents are visiting you, is their massive medical bills. That’s going to ruin all the fun of their trip to the US and leave a bad memory! While choosing the right insurance, do not just blindly go for the cheaper ones to save some bucks. Please read all the scheme related documents carefully to comprehend the terms and conditions.

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