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Six Reasons Why You Should Get Health Insurance Before Your Thirtieth Birthday

With health care costs continually rising, it is impossible to do regular emergency walk-ins at your local doctor. A visit to the emergency room could easily cost you thousands of dollars. For a quick check-up, that sometimes lasts only a few minutes, you initially have to pay hundreds. The check-up fee excludes any additional prescribed medicine costs. Individuals with high-earning jobs have to consider health insurance for proper health care.

Why Health Insurance?

Health insurance could be the best option you have that will give you peace of mind. By paying a small monthly premium to an insurance company, you are secure of someone helping you cover emergency medical costs in the future.

With all the health insurance companies out there, you are bound to find the one that fits all your needs.  Financial advisors recommend getting health insurance as early as possible. If you are over thirty years old, you have to seriously consider getting one.

Here are the top six reasons why you should invest in health insurance today:

Lower Premiums

Health insurance companies generally base their monthly premiums off of your current age and the related health risks which come with that.  The younger you are, the healthier you should be, and therefore, the cheaper your premium is. Premiums go up with every birthday you celebrate. Premiums can go up with at least $800 annually, even if you don’t need major health care. It’s worth investing in health care earlier to avoid paying maximum premiums.

Lower Chances of Rejection

The health insurance industry still needs to make some profits, if they accept applications of individuals that need major health care. The medical expenses for that candidate will be too high too soon. So, the application process is often long, and you stand a chance of being rejected the older you get. Conditions that are age-related, such as cataracts, are some of the medical ailments health insurance companies may deny applications for. Signing up to a health insurance company when you are younger and at lower health risks, will give you a quicker approval.

Financial Planning

Getting health insurance at a young age is a smart decision when planning for the future. Accidents happen, and if you need emergency medical treatment or surgeries, you might not have enough saved up to cover the costs. Health insurance companies cover most or all of the costs when you need emergency treatment. Some health insurance companies have other financial benefits like long-term investments and savings plans.

Coverage of Pre-existing Conditions

Most individuals develop chronic health conditions as they get older. If you develop a chronic illness without having health insurance, the company may reject your application. Even worse, the health insurance company can accept your application, but they won’t be able to ensure your pre-existing condition. Which means you won’t get covered on any medical expenses that your pre-existing condition might need. You still have to pay additional costs that the health insurance company doesn’t cover. The earlier you sign up, the more assured you are that the insurance company will cover costs for conditions that may develop while you are on the plan.  This lowers financial burden and gives you the advantage of all insurance benefits.

Increased Health Issues

Changes in modern lifestyles have the effect of less active adults. Most jobs are behind computers at desks, and adults stay stationary for most of the day. Not only is inactivity a problem but poor air quality, stress, and preservatives in food are causing more and more young people to suffer from health issues. There have been many reports of young people suffering from high blood pressure, heart attacks, and lung-related diseases.  The great thing is that with the development of technology, medicine, and health care practices have also developed. Young adults can have a longer and healthier life by going for regular check-ups. Having health insurance allows you to see specialists and to keep your health in top-notch shape.

Bonus Schemes

As an incentive, health insurance companies offer excellent benefits to their customers. If you don’t claim any medical costs, then you always get something back. Some bonus schemes include getting cash back, lower premiums, or even discount on your next grocery shopping spree.  Extra benefits are great, as it provides you with additional bonuses that won’t make it feel like you are unnecessarily investing in health insurance that you might not even use.

Is Investing Young Really Worth It?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. Life is unpredictable, and investing in decent health insurance is like investing in your life and health. Investing now means a secure future.

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