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Veteran Stars You Thought Were Long Gone but Are Not Even Planning Their Retirement

Elizabeth Alice MacGraw – April 1, 1939

Professionally known as Ali MacGraw, Elizabeth Alice is an American model, actress, animal rights activist, and author. Her career began on a bright note in 1969 when she won the Golden Globe award for her role in the movie Goodbye Columbus.  She palmed in yet another Golden Globe for her performance in 1970 movie Love Story. 

Ali starred in many other movies including The Getaway, Convoy and Players.  Her gorgeous looks gave her the 2008 title of GQ magazine’s sexiest 25 women in film ever. Ali’s personal life wasn’t as successful as she has been married 3 times and got divorced from all her husbands. She has one child, American filmmaker, Joshua Evans. This didn’t slow her down and she is an activist for PETA, released an instructional Yoga video, and published an autobiography name Moving Pictures. Her looks haven’t left her, and Ali is still looking healthy and vibrant.

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