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Veteran Stars You Thought Were Long Gone but Are Not Even Planning Their Retirement

 Suzanne Somers – October 16, 1946

73-year old Suzanne Somers hardly needs any introductions. We all remember her from the show Step By Step as Carol Foster-Lambert and as Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company. But Suzanne isn’t just known for her acting prowess alone. The actress attracted more fame and success with the workout videos she did with Thighmaster, which are now shared on social media and YouTube.

After a long battle with breast cancer in 2001, Suzanne is currently cancer-free and credits her homeopathic therapy with helping her to feel better. Today she continues to be very active as an actress and author and is a popular celebrity selling products on HSN. Between her acting, her videos and her healthy lifestyle products, Suzanne is leading a happy, busy life.

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