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How Decluttering Improves Mental Health and Fitness

Clutter is anything that makes you feel bad, distracts you or annoys you. It takes away the energy from us- the energy we could have invested in doing better things. It exists in different forms: physical (e.g., the stuff in your drawer), digital, and emotional (e.g., beliefs that make it difficult for you to function normally).

The effects of clutter include stress, depression, and fatigue. The consequences of stress are poor health, bad eating habits, and insomnia. Our mood is highly influenced by the type of environment we are in. If we are stressed out by our surroundings, the impact will be felt.

To declutter is to remove the clutters that fill your life. Decluttering rids you of all the stress and anxiety and prepares you to tackle everything that comes your way. This is a boost to your mental health.

Let’s take a look at how decluttering improves your overall mental health.

It Decreases Anxiety and Stress Levels

It is evident that clutter is a source of stress. The more work you see piling before you, the more you will remember how little you have accomplished. Seeing a pile of undone assignments or unwashed clothes, for instance, will heighten your stress and anxiety levels. Clearing up your space will assist in clearing up the mind. You will feel more at peace.

A study carried out by the University of California indicates that for mothers who resided in homes that had several unfinished projects, cortisol levels in their systems were higher. Most people refer to cortisol as the ‘stress hormone.’

Poor sleeping and eating habits are just but a few effects of stress. Decluttering is, therefore, a good idea. It may appear hard, but you just have to take baby steps. You can use 15 minutes every day to make sure the things in one place are in an orderly manner.

The effect of this is more happiness and a relaxed mood all day. As days go by, you will be able to deal with all the messy areas.

It Promotes Physical Health

The buildup of clutter can cause accumulation of dust- a health hazard. Consequently, you will be more vulnerable to attacks from respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Even if you lack these respiratory illnesses, dust will still cause breathing problems by affecting the quality of the air you breath in. Once you remove those piles, your environment will be cleaner, and you will feel better.

It Improves Productivity Levels

Untidiness and disorganization are the main hindrances to working productively. When your clothes, books, electronics are all over your working space, you are unlikely to perform your work well as you will always be distracted. Putting everything in its rightful position will boost your productivity levels.

A study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute confirmed that clutter puts a heavy load on your visual cortex, thus interfering with its information processing ability. When you declutter, you will work and think more efficiently, therefore spending fewer amounts of time on assigned tasks. This will leave you with a lot of free time to rest and spend with friends and family.

It Improves your Sleeping Habits

As you may have seen above, decluttering is a stress-reliever, and it helps you sleep better. For this to happen, your bedroom should be well organized. Research shows that those people that spread their beds when they wake up have a better shot at getting a more prolonged and peaceful sleep.

Decluttering also includes turning off electronic devices and lights to enable you to unwind and catch some sleep.

It Aids in Weight Loss

Apart from triggering unhealthy eating, science indicates that clutter can cause weight gain. Researchers from Florida State University carried out a study and found that there exists a link between obesity and hoarding. The study further revealed that obesity is more prevalent in extremely cluttered homes, given that 77% of the people studied came from such homes.

People’s hectic lifestyles may cause weight gain that is linked to clatter. The likelihood of individuals with busy lives consuming fast foods and other processed foods is high. In a well-organized home, there is time to prepare healthier meals.


Whether the above tips will help you shed off that excess weight or improve your sleeping habits, one thing stands – decluttering will create more free time for you to focus on other things.

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