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Michelle Obama Is Putting Her Health First

Along being the former first lady and one of the most admired women worldwide, Michelle Obama is working on her self-love.

Michelle Obama is one of the most successful first ladies that inspired others around her to also live their best life. While Michelle is no longer living in the white house, she has kept her schedule busy writing books, campaigning, and giving interviews.

The former first lady has always been determined to help other women realize their potential. While Speaking at the Essence Festival, she reminded the mostly female audience that nobody can take your health away from you.

Michelle then shared the audience her struggles with her health as a mother and the first lady. She referenced feeling guilty for taking time for herself when her two daughters were young, and She and Barack were in marriage counseling.

She found herself frustrated after putting her kids’ priorities first, but seeing her husband carry on to do what he needed to do regardless is one of the reasons the pair opted for counseling.

Obama concluded her struggle stating that women in general struggle to put themselves on their priority list.

While encouraging women to start taking better care of themselves, Michelle went on to discuss the changes that she’s made after realizing that she can’t raise her children properly if her act isn’t together.

Some of the changes the former First Lady have made include making sure that she is up on her checkups, taking up yoga and eating enough fruit and vegetables so that she can enjoy her 70s and 80s.

Health and wellness is something that Michelle has also been active in, leading a campaign for child health and fitness during her eight years in the white house, so it’s good to see her following her own message and starting to make sure that she is a top priority.

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