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Migraines Nearly Ruined Kristin Chenoweth’s Broadway Career

Kristin Chenoweth is a real Broadway star. She has claimed many awards to her name, ever since her first appearance twenty-two years ago while she was still 29 years old. Her first appearance was in the musical titled Steel Pier, which was nominated for several Tony Awards. During that time, the ‘money people’ (or basically the people who had enough money to invest in her shows) slowly began to be the primary determinants of her appearances in shows. This greatly stressed Kristin, resulting in her migraines.

Chenoweth had no choice but to withstand the storm for her show to move on. Once, she could barely get off the floor in the lady’s bathroom in the studio due to a terrible migraine.

 “I remember the choreographer, one of the women I look up to the most, Susan Stroman, came in and said, ‘Are you okay?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She goes, ‘Well you’re going to get okay. You’re going to be okay.’ By the grace of God, I did the two-hour show and the minute it was over, it returned [to the floor].” Kristen narrates.

That occurrence had a significant impact on the young actress. Kristin almost believed that she would not make it. Years later, after learning how to manage tough times properly, the Broadway star looks back with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that she had overcome a great obstacle.

At the World Migraine Summit, Kristin told the audience that it was essential to help people who had migraines. “We can’t just take two Advil and be okay. When you know somebody who has it, and if you don’t have it, open your mind up a little bit more and just try to understand.” She said.

Anyone suffering from migraines knows that it can bring your life to a complete halt. The pain is indeed unbearable, but Kristin Chenoweth is here to set an example and tell you that it is possible to overcome this condition and to go after your dream.

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