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Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Opens Up About Longtime Eating Disorder

Victoria’s Secret model, Bridget Malcolm, has published a revealing new blog post. She says that while making progress, her recovery from a longtime eating disorder takes constant work and energy.

The Australian model opened up about her ‘relentless’ eating disorder, admitting that she is not cured yet. Malcolm reflected in the post on the last two years that she has spent in recovery from severe anorexia. These years, as she describes it, were filled with ups and downs.

I have been fortunate enough to be in recovery from my eating disorder. But I must never forget that I am in recovery. I am not cured,” she wrote. The 27-year-old continued to explain that her body-dysmorphia is “particularly bad” right now.

However, the model remains positive. Malcolm stated that while her body dysmorphia is challenging to deal with mentally, it is far less destructive than anorexia. She knows that the latter could have destroyed her, and she is grateful to have stopped it on time.

Everything changes and discomfort now can mean happiness and strength tomorrow. However, what I do know to be true is that starving myself ends in a lot of pain for myself and those around me. I know it, because I have lived it. It is a slow and gradual decline, but it is a decline. There is too much possibility in my life these days for me to give in to those old, mean voices.”

Malcolm concluded her post with a mindset inspiring to others, promising to stay committed to eating three meals a day and working out in a healthy, constructive way. The model also said she would avoid looking in the mirror and devote her energy to her meaningful relationships.

Because that is all I can really do right now,” she explained “So today, try doing the small things that bring you back to center. It is all about progress over perfection after all.”

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