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These Beautiful Celebrity Houses Will Amaze You – They Sure Are Living The Dream!

Eddie Murphy – Rooster Cay, $15 Million

Eddie Murphy has been an icon as far as comedy is concerned. His impeccable comic timing has made people burst into laughter time and again. Murphy’s excellent performances in films have helped him earn a special place in all our hearts. As a result, the fortune he has made for himself has been totally enviable.

With the net worth he has attained for himself, Murphy laid his hands on the Rooster Cay Island situated in the Bahamas, back in the year 2007. The property, rather the private island, is spread across 6 hectares, and according to the property reports, the Hollywood star had to shell out approximately $15 million for it. The expenses of maintaining such a lavish property are huge, but when it’s Eddie, money has never been an issue. Eddie is one of those celebrities who own private islands.

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