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Check Out These Celebrity Cars – This Calls For a Special Kind of Car Insurance!

Stephen Fry – Bentley Continental GT, Est. £150,000

Stephen Fry is a talented man, and the way he has showcased them is admirable. His impeccable comic timing had had us in splits, and we enjoy every bit of his acts. Fry is a successful actor as well and has made an appearance in Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry & Laurie, both comedy projects. Making people laugh is the hardest thing to do on this planet. Well, Fry has managed to do just that.

Stephen has lavish choices in terms of four-wheelers. As far as we have come to know from his financial advisor, he has a stunning Bentley in his garage, which cost him something to the tune of £150,000. Going by his net fortune, shelling out the sum might have been a cakewalk for him. Aside from the Bentley, Fry also has an Aston Martin under his possession.

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