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Experts Claim Antibiotics Is Risky To Our Health And Microbiomes

The medical sector is facing a worldwide agitation triggered by antibiotics. The agitation is based on a warning to doctors and their patients to minimise their intake of antibiotics due to the negative effects the substance has against diseases as overdose increases resistance. In other words, there is a disturbing rise in the number of infections that are irresponsive to treatment, which was not the case in the past.

In addition to resistance, antibiotics seem to have another health hazard. In a recent research, an experiment was carried out on mice, and the outcome indicated that antibiotics might be obstructing the activities of the microbiome, a group that consists bacteria that reside at every spot and inside the gut. One of the dangers of these alterations is that the menace may linger for too long and hand over the norm from generation to generation. It may also result in diseases.

More results from the study brought out further findings when it was published in a popular Journal. The Journal reported that researchers carried out a test on several robust pregnant mice. The mice were a combination of a mouse with ordinary microbiome and a mouse that they had been administered with antibiotics. When their pups(babies) were born, there was an observation by the researchers that the pups inherited the alterations in the microbiome from their mothers.

When babies were born, there was an observation by the researchers that they inherited the alterations in the microbiome from their mothers.

On the other hand, the researchers worked on a separate group of mice that were placed in a compromising situation that exposed them to the risk of an inflammatory bowel (IBD) infection called colitis. There was a five-month scheduled close examination on the babies of these class of mice by the researchers. They found out that the pups from the mother with antibiotics induced microbiome suffered severe colitis compared to the mice that have a normal microbiome.


Going by the previous studies conducted on humans, it is apparent that antibiotic exposure is connected to a very severe danger for IBD, which, through a rough estimation, has over 1.3 million citizens in America affected by it. Blaser stated the results of the new research had further stamped the prediction that overdose of antibiotics is prone to rearing dangerous and unhealthy issues in patients who consume it. He also said they could be looking at a bigger problem than they could perceive. The adverse effect may extend far ahead of treatment resistance.

Blaser also affirmed that many women are at risk due to the way they usually take the drug. He stated that a large number of women, either pregnant or not are constantly swallowing the pill — which did not exclude teenage girls. It is a very serious issue that is a cause of worry to everyone. If actions were not taken now, the situation could escalate to the next generation, and by then, the adverse effects would be more lethal.

The study team guessed that the microbiomes that were laid bare would develop a significant effect on the level of risks for the baby mice, but they were shocked to discover that it instead had notable results on the innocent creatures.

Although we may tend to ask ourselves, how is this relevant to the issue on the ground? Afterall, the researchers worked on mice, not on human beings. That might be true, but at the same time, the reports have made it necessary for medical practitioners to look into it. Blaser said the researchers knew what they were doing. They already know that IBD is laced with a genetic property.  The genes linked to the abnormality are estimated to be about 10% out of 100% in a person’s exposure to the disease, while the remaining part of 90% is hidden. He went further to declare his notion that antibiotics may be responsible for the hidden state of some of these genes. The new research had given a new angle from which to address the issue. He suggested they stick with the recommendation to step down people’s intake of excess antibiotics to avoid high exposure to treatment-resistant diseases.

Blaser made it clear he was not advocating against antibiotics or trying to destroy the brand, on the contrary. He further advised we apply wisdom in its medication usage.

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