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Four Ways Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Inspires You to Go and Hit The Gym and Fight Your Way Out of Failures

When you look at Dwayne Johnson, the self-made man, you see the man, his success, net worth, and hulk-like body. But you seldom see the struggles he has been through or how he achieved his goals with a single-minded focus.

He spent all his waking hours in the gym, and it looks like all that sweating has made him the most bankable star in Hollywood. Here are some life lessons from the man himself who can motivate you to join the gym and come out of it all stronger and better.

There Are No Short Cuts

He began strength training when he was just 13 when he preferred to watch his dad hustling hard at the gym. He saw the discipline his dad put in, waking up as early as 5 a.m, drink his caffeine shot, and hit the weights. And he knew he wanted to follow suit too.

Dwayne was awestruck with the world of weights with the men, who did the impossible tasks of lifting the crazy amount of weight. And how their bodies changed right before his wondrous eyes. Gyms those days, weren’t like the ones today. The weights weren’t pretty, the rooms didn’t smell great, and the men weren’t there to gossip around. They wanted to get their work done mell, and they did it, much like the body-builders of those days, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and more.

Sticking to It, Rather Than Giving Up

Dwayne’s parents always encouraged him to dabble in sports. He tried baseball, martial arts, soccer, and gymnastics. It prepared his body for the stronger stuff coming his way. He was intrigued by weights and wanted to try it, but he had to wait it out till he reached the right age. His dad did not want to stunt his growth, which meant he could only try them when he was a teenager.

He started with bench press and came out from his first trial with flying colors. But he struggled with higher weights (135 pounds). He nailed the weight in one week, much to the surprise and pride of his dad. He felt a quiet sense of accomplishment. So, if you have set yourself a goal, and strive hard, till you get it right.

You Can Do It

Dwayne had seen his mother shed tears when their one-bedroom flat was padlocked and came with an eviction notice. He was only 14 at that time and understood his parent’s predicament. He vowed to himself that he would never be homeless again, and he would do whatever it takes, to be the master of the situation.

While his and his parent’s world came crashing down, he found a reason to stand strong and brave the onslaught. He found a way to wriggle out of the situation. He would continue to work hard, bulk up because he believed men with great statures were more successful, and he would chalk his path towards success and greatness.

Earlier, he was only working hard two days a week, but if he wanted to change the way his life and parents’ lives were going, he had to do it differently. He thought of spending more time in the gym. Dwayne had to squeeze in more time as much as his student schedule allowed. He didn’t know the exact way yet, but he knew he had to do it. He had this sense of purpose that was there then and still was with him now. His workouts gave him intention and a sense of purpose.

Find Your Passion

It’s not like he never struggled after that. There were too many battles that came his way. However, he kept going and fighting against all odds because he had one thing that kept him going – his training. He spoke on numerous occasions on how he knew he could build his life from scratch again, even if he lost all the luxuries and fame that he had.

We believe confidence is hard to shatter, and one can get it only from sheer hard work and determination. Hard work is what got him to the position, he is now, and hard work will get him to stand up and succeed if he falls and fails again. Well, you hear it, the ultimate life lessons that can see you through the ultimate struggles of life! It is no wonder that people call him “The Rock!”

So, what’s stopping you from reaching your goals? Go on, work hard, chase your dreams, and success will soon be yours!

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