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Here’s How You Can Beat Your Binge Eating Days and Start Eating Healthy!

You have been fairly consistent with the way you have been eating right and exercising, however, you still have not got the results you want. Have you been tracking your daily habits? We are not talking only about counting calories, but whether you have been integrating your binge eating habits with that your healthy eating days.

It is very easy to binge on junk thinking, ‘I have been eating right, this tiny piece of chocolate won’t sabotage my weight loss goals or healthy eating goals.’ However, the bad thing about binge eating is it is fairly addictive and very difficult to give up altogether. Did we say it is difficult? But it isn’t impossible at all, all you have to follow are these easy-peasy hacks.

Stop Binge-Eating While Binge-Watching

We are so used to binge-watching our favorite shows, and with that, we also get into a binge-eating session with our most favorite junk snacks. We are so drawn to the shows that we often forget that we are eating or binging. ‘One packet of chips is not going to matter!’, is what we tell ourselves and we only stop when the packet turns into packets and the cold clammy feeling of guilt takes over. Then follows stress and the regressive cycle of, ‘ My diet has already gone for a toss, let’s just give up healthy eating for the day.

The next day, you feel for a snack again exactly at the time you are watching your favorite shows. The only way to stop this train of binge eating is to empty your kitchen of all the bad stuff and fill your Refrigerator with tasty, delicious yet healthy snacks. We have several options for you to try, nuts and seeds (make your very own trail mix), fox nuts, fruits, of course ( make it into ice cream, dairy-free ice creams we mean, frozen bananas and peanut butter makes for a great combination) and more. Nut butter and fruits make for a great idea of guilt-free snacking.

Stop Eating on The Go!

Mindful eating should be the only norm, as when you are eating on the go, walking and eating, traveling and eating, you don’t realize how much you are eating. So, stop moving around while eating. Eating is therapeutic, you are nourishing your body with nutrients. Eat in a peaceful atmosphere in a calm manner, forget the chaos all around, and concentrate on the morsel you are chewing to enable maximum nutrient absorption.  Also, try and breathe in and out for a few moments to relax your wired self.

Mend the Bad Relationship with Food

We sometimes become fearful about the food we eat, labeling some of the foods as bad. However, not all foods are bad, especially when we eat them without guilt. Sometimes your bestie can get away with eating two icecreams on one go and don’t put on weight and you put on weight as you stop at one, as you eat it with guilt.

Guilt increases your cortisol levels and inhibits your weight loss journey. Also, tracking every teeny-tiny morsel you put into your mouth, increases your food obsession. While tracking is good, overdoing the tracking-your-calories part can be bad for your food-sensitive soul.

Rule Out Stressed Eating

Emotional eating can really impair your relationship with food beyond repair. Stressed eating usually means eating a lot of unhealthy stuff. Can you really imagine gorging on a lot of almonds because you are stressed? Not really, what you end up doing is binge eat on stuff that usually equates to a diet-harakiri; read a tub of your favorite ice cream,,  chocolates, salty pretzels, chips, and the list continues.

Remember your state of mind should not trick you into thinking that a packet of chips will resolve your problems. Instead, go for a walk or even try deep breathing techniques. Yes, those may not come to your mind, trying desperately to troubleshoot, but these are the ones that help.

Constantly Trying to Switch Diets

Following random diets on the internet, do not a healthy person make. One day you make carbs the dietary villain number one, a few weeks later fats replace the carbs. And your body goes into shock mode. Remember, switching diets every other day won’t help you reach your weight loss goals, instead, it will just make your binging habits just worse. So, stop right there and follow something that is sustainable, you will only lose weight with consistent habits, not in one day, or one week maybe not even in one month, but eventually yes.

Patience is the key, so give your body some time to get adjusted to a new and healthier you. Slowly, but surely you will be able to banish your binge eating habits one at a time.

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