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Tips To Motivate You To Be A Better Father

affection-beach-care-caucasianWhen expecting a child, it’s always talked about how overwhelming that can be for the mom. But aside from planning mom, the same emotions are also felt by the soon-to-be father.

Being a father means that you must prepare yourself to become a good role model for your child. You will become a significant influence on how they mold their life and what they can do to make good out of it. It’s normal to feel pressured; after all, it’s a big responsibility. But with the right mindset and an open heart, you can be the great father you wish to be.

But of course, being a great father isn’t going to be easy. This journey can be a bit difficult, especially for first-timers. Here are some tips on how to be a good father.

Make time for your child.

Parent or not, one must work to put food on the table. But despite how hard you work, it wouldn’t matter that much if you don’t make time for your child. This is a tough responsibility that parents should juggle because not being able to spend time with your kids can bring negative emotions to them. Your kids, especially the little ones, would always want to see their father come home in time for dinner. Being a great dad means making time for your kids. Work out a schedule that would let you work and spend time with your family at the same time. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, as long as your kids can feel your presence, it would be enough.

Be present during their milestones.

man-and-woman-hugging-while-man-kissing-woman-s-headEvery child would be happy to see their parents be present at the milestones of their life. Being present to things like their first day of school, the first recital, driving them to college, graduation, or any achievements that they have will surely make your kid happy. These kinds of moments surely have a special place in every kid’s heart, and they will treasure it forever.

Enlighten them with lessons in life.

As a parent, guiding your kids is your responsibility. What would make that special is imparting to them the lessons you’ve learned in your journey to becoming an adult. Being a great dad doesn’t mean solving their problems for them. It’s about making them feel that you are there to catch them when they fall, and instead of scolding them every time they mess up, you offer advice that you know would help them out. You enlighten them with valuable lessons, but you respect their boundaries and allow them to make their own choice.

Establish good communication.

FatherAside from being always there for them, you must also learn how to effectively communicate with your children, especially when they need it most. When you hang out with your kid, it doesn’t’ always mean that everything has to be exciting. Engaging in small talks or even just checking in with them like asking, “how’s your day?” will mean something to your kid.

This is especially true if there’s something’s troubling them. Do this every day, and your kid will surely be more open to you whenever you talk to them.

Reward your kids from time to time.

You don’t have to reward your kids every single time, but make sure you do once in a while. Rewards make kids feel valued and appreciated, and will also encourage them to keep doing well. It is a way of showing that you understand what they do, and you are proud of them.

Discipline your children.

man-in-grey-polo-shirt-sitting-beside-girl-in-grey-checkedBeing a great father doesn’t mean giving your child whatever he wants. If you do this, your child might become spoiled. If ever a child commits a mistake or has gone too far, it’s only right to teach them some manners. It will help them understand the wrong that they have done and stopped them from making the same mistake again.

Be a good role model.

As their dad, your kids will look up to you. Children will follow what their parents do most of the time, and it is your duty as a father to lead them by example. Whatever you do, always think if that’s something you would want your kid to do. This is an excellent way to know whether or not you’re doing the right thing. If it doesn’t make your kids and family happy, don’t do it.

There’s no fool-proof method of0- being a father. It’s just as sweet as it is bitter. There will be good times, and there will be bad times. And if you’re always asking yourself if you’re a great dad, just by asking that, you surely are.

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