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Not Finding The Motivation To Keep Blogging? These Tips Should Help You Keep Going!

Writing is a skill that not everyone can learn or master. However, if you are among the handful of people blessed with the skill of writing, you are truly blessed. Writing is the art of expressing your thoughts and transporting people to a whole new world with your words.  However, it is not an easy task.

And if you have managed to start a blog of your own to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, nothing is like it. But if you are battling the writer’s block, do yourself and us a favor. Read these few tips we have to help you stay motivated. We are sure they will come in handy and help you continue blogging!

Take up a Writing Challenge

There are numerous challenges available online that you could take up or create one of your own. This could be something as simple as 500 words a day. And the best part is, you need not post all that you write about anywhere or tell anyone about this challenge.

The goal is only to ensure that you keep writing something every day and do not give up the habit of writing. As you would not be publishing it all, you could even write just a page on your daily events, something new that you learned that day, a person you met, or a conversation you had. You could also write an article on one of the meals you had during the day.

A Word A Day

If finding a topic is the biggest roadblock, you could also use random tools available on the internet to help you pick a word. Use these random words from the internet as your topic and build a story. You will create a new set of audiences who will visit your blog or posts every day to see what word you have chosen for the day. They might want to know how you have built a story around it.

And that might be the much-needed motivation to help you keep going. And if the word a day doesn’t motivate you to write, you can turn to Facebook. There are many pages on Facebook that give out such prompts asking people to weave stories using the words they assign or in certain themes. Reading through all the comments might trigger your thinking process too.

Join Writing Groups

There are numerous forums available online and offline, where you can meet fellow writers. They will motivate you to keep writing and find the motivation to keep going. When you talk and interact with other writers, it will trigger discussions on career, opportunities, and passion and help you beat the biggest demon that writers face. Yes, we are talking about the writer’s block!

Talking to new people every day will expand your perspective of things and help you look at everything from a new angle. When you join such groups and share your work, you can have them reviewed by your peers. Their feedback will improve the output of your work and change your writing style for the better!


If you think that we have accidentally included traveling to the tips of writing motivation, think again! Travel does not just give you a break from monotony. It also helps you broaden your horizon and change your perspectives on numerous things in life. As you meet newer people, travel to newer places, and explore newer cultures, you write changes every word.

The quality of your work will reflect all this worldly exposure that you have received. All the greatest writers have traveled significantly,y and that’s reflected in their works. So, it is no wonder that all the travelers have great stories to tell too!

Maybe their choice of words and expressions might not be as perfect and poetic as yours, but they do have an interesting take on things. So, why not match that with your word magic and create a whole new world of happiness.

These tips will greatly help you improve your writing style, frequency, and quality. You will soon be able to overcome the writer’s block and continue writing like a pro! So, start your writing journey right away and let your thoughts take the shape of words. Happy Writing!

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