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“Remember to Believe in something” – John Krasinki’s Inspires Graduates at Brown University

John Krasinski, one of the lead actors in the 9-season NBC sitcom, The Office, returned to his former school at Brown University, to deliver a Baccalaureate speech to the Class of 2019.

The Massachusetts-born actor was supposed to root for his team, Boston Bruins, in the Stanley Cup Finals which took place on May 27th. However, his prior commitment to deliver a  commencement speech to the recent Brown University graduates was important enough to forfeit watching the game. The speech took place on Saturday at the school’s Meeting House of the First Baptist Church of America.

Krasinski informed the recent graduates on how he had found his way into acting, and that he wasn’t really pursuing just an acting career. His four grueling years in school were used to tweak his thinking patterns as he had actually pursued everything and anything. John told the graduates how he kept leaving his comfort zones to pursue his dreams, but that falling back into his comfort zone sometimes was inevitable.

Real change is organic,” Krasinski explained. “The only responsibility you all have is to hold fast to everything you have lived, right here… Remember fondly the discomfort you felt when you were asked to push yourself farther than you were ever sure you could go. And the elation when you finally got there.” He concluded.

John Krasinski didn’t end his speech before urging the students to “Remember to believe in something” and also told them it was okay to fall in love as many times as possible or necessary.

According to the school, the commencement speech is a great honor, as only a few notable men have had the privilege to give such in the past including Beverly Wade Hogan (Tougaloo College President), Robert Corrigan (SFSU President), Kevin Gover, Daveed Diggs and more.

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