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Top Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Stop Being a Couch Potato and Exercise Everyday

Are you someone who listens to their inner voice and refuse to get out of bed to exercise? Well, you are not alone, most people lack the motivation to exercise in a committed way. They’d rather watch people exercise on the telly or give excuses like, ‘there’s just not enough time!’ Exercise adds so much more to your life when you make a habit of it.

You start loving it so much that the days you don’t exercise you miss the adrenaline rush and the extra pump of endorphins. You have been there done that and now you feel it’s kind of meh to exercise? Don’t worry we will give you the push you need to grab your dumbbells or your yoga mat and start on your exercise journey! Gear up’ cause it is time to join the team-exercise gang! We give you five reasons to love exercise and stay in a committed relationship with it! If you don’t cheat on exercise, it won’t ever cheat you.

Find out you’re ‘why’

When we say to look for your why we mean to look for a reason why you should exercise. Let’s take the example of Mike. He hates to exercise, but he knows he has to exercise because his father suffered a heart attack at forty years. Mike knows he has to exercise to prevent chronic diseases. Be like Mike and find your reason. There are other reasons, you want to look a certain way, you want to win a competition or just look good when you are eighty. Anything that makes you stay active and exercise.

 Workout at the same time every day

There are athletes or committed exercise junkies who love to exercise at the same time every day. Invest an hour every day for exercise, for your health. If you exercise every day at 6 a.m every day, your body will get so used to it that you won’t need an alarm clock to disrupt your snooze time.

You will get up without glancing at the clock. It is the best way to energize yourself enough to workout. Even when you have things that affect your schedule you will still find ways to sneak in the hourly workout. If you still lack motivation then set up reminders on your calendar, try various motivational apps to keep you on the task.

Eliminate boredom, add fun

Do what you like never to get bored and always stay invested in a routine. There’s no reason why you cannot have fun while you are seating hard. Add variety to your exercise routine, so there are fewer chances of cheating on your routine. Also, on days when you look at your dumbbells with disdain and do not fancy running outside in the rain, for days like those, dance your heart out at the beats of a groovy song.

Sometimes you have to dig deep and find out what your inner voice tells you if it tells you to try salsa on a given day, you say aye-aye to that! Do you know what is more fun? Trying hula hooping and ask you, friends or family, for a spot of competition.  Workout variety also gives you additional challenges and shake up your routine! You can try yoga somedays to bust stress and rejuvenate yourself.

Choose quality over quantity

Most people lose interest midway and give up on their fitness schedules because they hate working out for long hours or working out at a gym with others. Don’t beat yourself to it, you will have other ways of including a workout, even if it’s for thirty minutes, thirty minutes of workout a day. American Heart Association recommends one hundred and fifty minutes of workout every week to reap maximum health benefits.

Nowadays, you can pack in a maximum punch at a shorter duration of the workout, as short as seven minutes. You get some amazing results, such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata training. So what’s your excuse? Wait no longer, set a goal, mark your calendar, and fix a date with yourself for fitness. That way, you can enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness sans any worry of weight gain, ill health, or stress.

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