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Too Much Sugar Can Kill you: Here Are Some Tips For Sugar Detox

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth; we all love indulging in delicious, mouth-watering foods. For one, we know that these foods contain chemicals and food preservatives—but do we give a thought about the amount of refined sugar used to make them? The high amount of sugar does not only kill the body metabolism but also spikes blood sugar levels. As if that is not enough, it causes hormonal imbalance, causing addiction. 

But did you know that you can cleanse your body from the high sugar levels? Here are some tips n how to do it. 

 Allow One Sugary Meal Per Day

Although we advise you to reduce your sugar intake, it is not recommendable to go cold turkey on it. This will wreck your system, giving you serious withdrawal issues. Furthermore, this ultimately leads to loss of control whereby you find yourself consuming even higher sugar amounts than before. What we recommend instead, is for sugar moderation. 

Rather than eating sugar all day,  trim it down to one meal per day. You can have it in your cheat meal or a snack. That way, your body will have time to gradually adjust until such time when you can survive with minimal sugar intake.

 Get Rid of Sugary Foods in Your Pantry

A temptation is at its highest when you are trying to avoid something. peak. To be able to adapt more easily, you need to avoid temptation by getting rid of sugary foods in your pantry to prevent having your mind and heart from being at war.  

Your adaptation will be much easier if you cannot see the mouthwatering foods within your line of sight. Also, we cut down on socializing with your friends if you know they are just going on a night-out. Parties in clubs, bars, restaurants, and even coffee shops will just tempt you to try their foods out.  If you have to bond with your friends, do it while playing sports or in outdoor activities.

“Sugar gave rise to the slave trade; now sugar has enslaved us.”
Jeff O’Connell 

 Look For Healthier Substitutes

If you cannot do away with unhealthy sugary foods, find a healthier alternative. Nature has already provided its fair share of natural sweeteners that you can turn to. A good example is fruits that are fiber-packed—fiber slows down the distribution of sugar in your bloodstream and makes yu feel full for longer. This reduces your temptation to binge eat. Other substitutes include honey, stevia, and xylitol.

If you are bored with fruits, you can always transform them to smoothies and add in healthy fats such as chia seeds and vegetables such as spinach, kale, thyme. 

“Sugar addiction is a condition where a person uses sugar to boost his/her energy to do away with the feeling of exhaustion or fatigue.”  Samantha Michael  

 Drink a Lot of Water

Water is life. Never confuse thirst for hunger—most people do. Keep drinking water to be hydrated. If you feel hungry, take some water first and only when the hunger pangs persist should you go ahead and eat. If not, then congratulations! You just avoided binge eating! That way, you avid sugar consumption. 

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