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Check Out These Celebrity Kids That Are a Spitting Image of Their Parents!

Ricky Nelson – Tracy Nelson

Ricky Nelson was the heartthrob and dream man for many women across the globe before he met his later love, Kristen Hammon. Hammon was still finding her footing in the painting and art industry, building a name for herself. Over his entire entertainment career, Ricky Nelson had the ladies lining up after hin. However, as destiny would have it, the two eventually crossed paths, and it was love at first sight for Kristen and Ricky.

They soon walked down the aisle and started a family together. One of their successful kids is Tracy Nelson, who resembles her father uncannily! Tracy stands out from the rest of her siblings, not just for her looks but for her career choices too. She never inclined to be part of the entertainment industry. However, fate had its way, and she eventually found her way into the world of acting. She has a successful career as an actress and continues to entertain us.


Elizabeth Taylor – Laela Wilding

Elizabeth Taylor is nothing less than an icon. Elizabeth gained worldwide star status and has been almost as famous for her incredible love life as she has for her entertainment career. She had a colorful romantic life, having been married a whopping eight times, to seven different husbands. She was a much-loved star and received a lot of attention. Taylor was also described as a wonderful person. Elizabeth left for the heavenly abode in 2011, after battling through several years of declining health from old age.

Of course, Elizabeth Taylor wound up with many grandchildren. Of her ten grandchildren, who have all grown up, there is the lovely Laela Wilding. Wilding resembles Elizabeth in many of her features and it is very apparent with the side-by-side photo above. She invests her time into living her grandmother’s legacy, continuing her work in The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Wilding is married and has two kids. She has many good memories of great times with Elizabeth Taylor.

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