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The Controversy Around Steve Harvey’s Comment on Wealth

A video clip filmed during The Steve Harvey Show went viral over the internet. The TV show host, Steve Harvey himself, spread his wisdom and offered guidance to his audience on how to become wealthy. How? Very simple, he said. The key to wealth is to sleep less.

Harvey said,”Success is not a comfortable procedure. It is a very uncomfortable thing to attempt. You gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable if you wanna be successful.”

As innocent as this may seem, the video clip became viral in no time and filled social media users with negative comments on Harvey’s thoughts towards wealth. Steve got emotional and passionate when spreading his guidance throughout the audience and said that success takes a lot of sacrifice to attempt.

Steve HarveyAfter Steve’s video clip was released, thousands of people commented against his opinion. Many shared thoughts of current billionaires around the world, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. From the videos circulated around the internet on an interview with these billionaires, they held that being too busy (sleeping less) was not the way to success.

One Twitter follower commented that Harvey was irresponsible for giving such advice. As a matter of fact, the wealthiest people in the world have habits where sleeping is one of the most important things to do and not the other way around.

Although most people commented against Harvey’s advice, there were others who defended him by claiming that the star’s words were taken out of context and that most people actually agreed with the fundamental points on his short speech. While it is true that health professionals recommend at least seven hours of sleep for an adult, we still think that Steve Harvey had a very good point – to be successful, you have to get uncomfortable. So yes, get enough sleep, but make sure you also challenge yourself!

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