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These Beautiful Celebrity Houses Will Amaze You – They Sure Are Living The Dream!

Chuck Norris – California, $3.5 Million

Chuck Norris was once one of the biggest action movies stars in the world. He did not have a conventional route to stardom. He started out in the American Air force, like his father and grandfather before him, he joined the military. After he left the military, he got into martial arts where he found great success. He won a variety of championships and used that momentum to get roles such as Delta Force and Missing in Action. He was eloquent and great at communication.

His house in the ex-North Tustin is truly a marvel. The $3.5 million house was put on sale and it’s still awaiting a buyer. The about 5500-square-feet with a guest house included as well as a nearly two-acre parcel. The house also includes a saltwater swimming pool and about a million dollars’ worth of trees.

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