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Car Maintenance Hacks That Can Help You Save a Lot of Money in the Long Run – You Don’t Have to Be a Car Mechanic to Apply These Tricks

Hazy Headlights?

Are you having hazy headlights? Taking your car to the auto shop might be difficult, especially when you are running out of time. Suppose, you have to reach your office or head to a party and you need to be there on time.

You check your watch and realize you have to rush. The auto shop won’t be a good option then. What should you do? Instead, use something useful from your bathroom. It’s your toothpaste. Toothpaste contains moderate abrasives.

That’s why you can polish your enamel with it. If you apply that to your car’s headlights, they will be clean again sooner than you can expect. In case the headlights have turned yellow, you got to replace them.

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