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Four Reasons to Try Michelle Williams’ Ashtanga Yoga!

What was the one excuse you always conjure up when you don’t want to workout? You don’t have time, or you don’t have the right equipment? Are you too stressed to work out? Well, what if we told you that you wouldn’t need much of these for Ashtanga yoga?

And yet, it will strengthen you from inside and outside as it did for Michelle Williams, who overcame difficult times in her life, all thanks to Ashtanga Yoga. You can even include the benefits of strength training by doing Ashtanga Yoga, using only your body weight.

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic type of flow style yoga that syncs body movement with the breath. This method is all about consistency, and incorporating it daily into your regime at your pace can provide many benefits. So, here are more reasons to include this powerful workout and practice it daily within the safe confines of your home,

Strengthens The Body

Ashtanga yoga offers the kind of upper body strength that even 30 or more pounds dumbbells wouldn’t give you. Repeat the vinyasa flow movements such as downward dogs and chaturanga, multiple times, and you will see the difference within a short time. You will see how your core, arm, and shoulder muscles are competitively stronger.

Add to it a few Surya namaskars and vinyasa movements, and you will be going strong for the next few days. Yoga stimulates you mentally and physically. And the holistic transformation makes it a popular choice over dumbbells or other weights. As in the case of Ashtanga Yoga, your body weight is enough.

Builds Focus

Single-minded determination is what you need to improve your focus. Focus helps you combat the daily struggles better and also reduces stress. We often meditate, stop our minds from wandering around, and when we do yoga, we invariably think about the next step. However, when it comes to Astanga Yoga, you hardly let your mind wander. Instead, the set yoga poses to keep you focused, and it helps you focus on what you are doing currently and the movements you are performing.

Motivates To Perform Better

When you do a set sequence every day, you start feeling the benefits. However, to see a difference, you should do it religiously every day, and you would soon notice your body transforming. You may realize your hands do not shake as much as before as you perform the chaturanga dandasana, or you can hold on to a Kumbhakasana for a longer period. The daily progress offers you more motivation to perform the same.

Mastering Your Body

While you practice Astanga Yoga, you become aware of certain movements in yoga practices, such as the bandhas, Moola, Jalandhar, Uddiyana, and Maha Bandha. It is about tightening your lower belly, drawing it in. You can even call it the root luck, the stomach lock, and the throat lock. Ashtanga yoga includes these bandhas to gain control of your prana or energy and lock it in and direct it to other parts of the body where you need it the most. These bandhas purify, eliminate the blockages, and harmonizes the self.

Builds Breath Control

The Ashtanga practice is all about counts. You hold each poses for a certain period. This gives you the time to find the time and work on your pose. It’s a challenging thing to include these poses with your locking in your bandhas. It is one way of being aware of every moment in synergy with your breath.

When your breath becomes smooth with regular practice, you purify the nervous system and eventually reach a place where your mind becomes calm and composed. This is when transformation happens. So transformation is only possible with regular practice.

All you need is body, space, and mind to begin your Ashtanga practice. And with the willingness and motivation to learn, you would soon be a master of the art. Besides building physical strength and well-being, Ashtanga will also boost your emotional and mental health which keeps you in great shape overall. And the best part is, it takes just a few minutes of your time every day to practice this wellness routine. So, get started today on the journey of health, happiness, and well-being!

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