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Taylor Swift Implores USA Senate to support Equality Act

Even if you didn’t know that June is LGBTQ Pride Month, you probably noticed that pride is everywhere right now. So when the singer and influencer, Taylor Swift urged the US Republican Senate, particularly Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee to support and defend LGBTQ rights through the equality act, her timing was perfect.

This act, intended to prevent discrimination and hatred based on sexual orientation and gender identity, was at the heart of many political and social debates in the past year. It was passed by the house in May and is now in the Senate. As a plea to the United States government, Taylor shared a letter through her Instagram account where she asked Senator Lamar to show support in fundamental human rights by supporting the act that will enforce actions against discrimination and hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation. The singer encouraged her home-state senator to avoid partisan affiliation, and do what is right in her own eyes.

In her letter, Taylor explained that people are living in fear from homophobic employers or landlords since State has given no protection to its own citizens when it comes to hate crimes and discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. Additionally, Swift took advantage of the influence she has on social media and couldn’t stop herself from criticizing President Donald Trump.

Although she had never liked President Trump, as she clearly endorsed Democratic candidate Phil in 2018, many really think she has an outstanding point here. President Trump is always claiming for equality amongst USA citizens, however, up until now it seems like he is less committed to this presidential tasks when it comes to gender or sexuality-based discrimination.

You may like Taylor Swift or you may not, however, we can all agree that her requests on this matter will definitely show a significant precedent not only on LGBTQ rights but as a hope for everyone who has ever felt discriminated.

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