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Your Brain Is a Muscle – It Should Be Exercised!

Many studies have found that exercise (both physical and mental) can help in increasing brain function. It also enhances neurogenesis, which is essential for the proper functioning of the mind.ith every new exercise, our brains are creating new brain cells. With new brain cells, we get new experience, new knowledge, and new abilities.

These are some of the ways how to make your brain more efficient.

 You should enjoy your curiosity

Do you know how curious children are? Well, that is because their brains are developing fast, so they always want to know more, to see more, to hear more. Actually, their brains are developing fast BECAUSE they are curious and BECAUSE they are always asking for more information and more experience.

It is really sad when you realize how with time, adults stop being curious. This means they are almost intentionally stopping their brain development. Why should anyone want to be less smart than he actually can be? Everyone should keep asking questions and stay curious in order to reach their full potentials!

 You should always try new things

This comes from the previous point – with curiosity you will want to try new things. To many people, who are locked in their own comfort zone, every new thing is the unwanted thing and this is so wrong. This is why they are forever stuck in their comfort zone – because they are afraid to try new things, to see more, and to know more. Being stuck there, their brains are also stuck with the limited amount of sensations, so these people become less smart than they could actually be. When we are experiencing new things, our brains become stimulated, and these new experiences create neural pathways in the brain which make us more intelligent. Those people are excluded from this being self-emprisoned in the comfort zone.

 You should eat right

The stuff we eat daily has a massive impact on how our brains function. Did you know that the brain takes more than 20% of all oxygen and nutrients that we intake? Having this in mind, we should feed our brain with the good stuff to make it function more efficiently. Fresh fruits and vegetables, Omega-3 fats are only some of the essential stuff we should consume daily to have a healthy mind (and body).

 You should listen to music

Are you good at playing some instrument? It is great if you are since both playing music and listening to it expand our learning potentials. Even learning how to play an instrument can rewire the brain, making you think faster and more accurately. Playing or listening to the music – it is up to you to choose. We suggest both!

 You should sleep enough

Brain cell

Sleep rests our brain and helps it get rid of the toxic thoughts together with the accumulated products of our metabolism. During the sleeping period, our bodies use the time to regenerate the cells and remove the toxins that have accumulated in the body throughout the day. Scientists recommend that we should hit the hay before midnight (even just 5 minutes before the midnight) for the best sleeping effects.

 Think positive

It was proven that stress and anxiety kill our brain neurons and they also stop any new ones from being created. A simple positive outlook towards our future prospects speeds up the time that it takes to create new cells and significantly reduces our stress and anxiety. When you take control of your negative thoughts and replace them with the positive ones, you make your brain function much better.

You should read often

Stress, anxiety, tension, and similar can be gone after reading a good book. Getting into a world of a book is a form of escapism, which reduces our brain strains over our own lives. Reading also triggers our imagination and creativity teaching our brain about new possible options and solutions.

 Try some brain training games

Brain training games could help immensely. Those activities that require memory and concentration are great ways to exercise our brains how to become better at concentrating on difficult tasks. Our problem-solving abilities also become improved together with our persistence and spatial skills.

 Decrease your TV time

One more scientific truth says that those people who watch television (or broadcasts over the Internet) for over four hours a day generally have a lower mental acuity score. This practically means that their overall intelligence level is lower. It should be a well-known fact that the television not only takes away from your intelligence but also causes some attention disorders which can become really serious issues, especially with children. Scientists say that this happens because of too many rapid-fire stimuli coming in a short time span. While getting them, our brain becomes overloaded and wants to escape this unnatural condition.

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