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Marcia Cross Survives Anal Cancer and is “Grateful to be Alive”

Cancer is a cruel disease, and it doesn’t exclude celebrities. Marcia Cross is just one Hollywood actress who had to face it, and we’re happy to say she is now officially in remission.

Speaking with CNN, the renowned actress and Desperate Housewives star, said she was grateful to be able to see her twin daughters, Savannah and Eden graduate from school. She stated that being “alive and well” while sitting through the graduation ceremony of her twins made her realize the importance of making sure no one had to go through what she had experienced.

Cross’s husband, Tom Mahoney, was diagnosed with throat cancer sometime in 2009 and he’s currently also in remission. Marcia further told CNN that having Anal Cancer was not something easy to talk about, but it is crucial to overcome the shame. HPV – Human Papilloma Virus (which doctors suspect is the causative agent of her cancer) can take up to a decade to develop into full-blown cancer. Being more open about these subject can get people diagnosed sooner and therefore save lives. HPV is also sexually transmittable and is very easy to get as long as you’re sexually active.

Marcia added that she had made it her mission to spread awareness about the disease as she cares deeply for human lives. During her appearance on This Morning (CBS), the actress urged her viewers to get the vaccine for HPV and stated that the stigma associated with anal cancer and HPV shouldn’t serve as a hindrance to the victims of the disease. They should shun the shame and go on to educate people about it.

She also noted that “women especially” were often too embarrassed about having Anal Cancer and frequently stayed quiet about the whole situation. This is precisely why it is so important to her to lend her voice to those too embarrassed to share their struggle.

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