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Rules for a Long-lasting Relationship by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Having a loving partner may be one of the most important aspects of a happy life. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are not just lucky to have exactly that; they work for it. The couple is going strong for over a decade, and their love is still passionate and fresh. Want to know their secret? Here are some of the tips they shared with PEOPLE.

Positive Feedback goes a long way. We all hate the persistent negativity which hangs around us. But who doesn’t love to hear his or her hard work being praised? How much more when it’s from the lips of one we adore.


Rejoice over one another’s accomplishments. It’s not a race, and neither is it a lottery. Whenever either of you triumphs at one thing or the other, be there to say “oh yeah, WE did it!”

Be there when times are hard. Just by being there to pass the mug, listen to the complaints or pat the back of your partner’s head while he or she rants about the disputes at work, goes a long way. This can solidify the bond you already have.

It’s all about Love. Allow yourself to think about your partner more often. Relish the adventures you’ve taken together. Don’t ponder over the wrong things you once did or said to one another. Seek to learn from the lessons and experiences you’ve acquired by being together. Always seek to make things better between the two of you and no storm shall tear the bond which you share.

Sure, being rich and famous makes life beautiful, but is it enough to be truly happy? Without love and partnership, all the money and fame in the world won’t make you happy. We hope to see this gorgeous couple enjoying life together for many more years!

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