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Healthy Foods Can Make You Put on Weight too! Here Are Some Foods that You Needs to be Wary Of

While you can stay healthy by cutting junk food from your diet, you also need to check the amount of some so-called healthy foods that you may be eating. Binging on this kind of healthy food can make you put on the very pounds that you tried so hard to get rid of. These nutritious foods can surprisingly have high levels of fat and calories. So, even if you are having too many fruits, nuts, yogurt, and salads, you need to draw a line on the amount of them you can consume. So, here are a few foods that you need to take a look at.


Well, if you are rejoicing about the fact that you can have avocado on your weight loss diet, well think again. No, we are not telling you to eliminate avocado from your food. We are just telling you to rein it in. Avocado has everything going for it, including the heart-healthy monosaturated fats that can help you stay full. However, it contains a lot of fat, heart-benefiting or otherwise, so stop gorging on it, and ensure you are not eating it for all, from breakfast and lunch to even dinner.

Red Wine

We all know red wine is healthy and consuming moderate amounts of it can cut down the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, certain types of cancers, or even weight gain. However, you have to consume it in moderation as a 5-ounce serving can contain 130 calories. Also, stop drinking from fishbowl-sized glasses as it may cause you to overpour. You can pour it into a measuring cup and find out the exact amount before you can have it in glassware.


Nuts also contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, and fiber, but they’re also high in calories. A quarter cup of almonds can contain 132 calories. It’s also easy to eat too much of them in one go, like a handful of popcorn. You have to check the number of nuts you eat, like limit yourself to a handful, and stop at that. You can also eat them straight from a container but you have got to measure them before consumption.

Trail Mix

Nuts, oats, and dried fruits are all healthy foods, right? Yes, but they are also the foods that can make you put on weight. Be wary of the store-bought brands which have all hidden ingredients such as honey, added sugar, and chocolate that can add hundreds of calories to your food intake. Also, you already know that nuts, whether they have been consumed alone or as a part of trail mix, can make you fat. So, you need to limit yourself to a quarter-cup serving.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are just dehydrated fruits. So, a cup of dried fruit can really pack in five to eight times more calories and sugar than any fresh one. A case in point – fresh grapes contain 60 calories, while that of a cup of raisins contains a whopping amount of 460 calories.


A serving of canned tuna boasts 39 grams of protein and can add up to 179 calories. Again, when you add mayonnaise to the mixture, that’s 90 additional calories, adding 10 grams of fat per tablespoon. You can make it healthier by swapping the mayo with Greek yogurt. It can also add tangy flavor at a fraction of calories and fat, and you can also get an extra protein boost.


While coffee has some potential benefits, like protecting your brain cells against damage that can cause dementia, is full of antioxidants, and helps ward off several diseases, if you are ordering a large latte with whole milk or cream, you may be adding at least 300 calories and 15 grams of fat to your intake. You do not have to skip the coffee, but have it black which comparatively has only 5 calories. If you are not willing to skip the milk, you can opt for a splash of fat-free milk.


Raw fish alone will not amp up your calorie intake. However, all sushi rolls are not made alike. A few kinds of so-called healthy sushi rolls contain calorie-dense ingredients such as cream cheese, tempura-battered spicy mayo, and more. Even the soy sauce packs in sodium, which can lead to bloating. While you always thought sushi was healthy.

Well, now you know that some of the foods you thought to be healthy are really not helping you a lot. They are the culprits that are silently and connivingly making you gain weight. However, we would like to clarify that all foods are not bad, you just need to have them in moderation.

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