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Adele Praised By Her Idol Mel C For Her Incredible New Figure

Adele and her superstar idols, the Spice Girls, partied all night long after the band’s performance in Wembley Stadium, which closed their reunion tour. Melany C praised the younger British icon, Adele, for her incredible figure. The 31-year-old singer has recently shed about 14 pounds! After the separation from her husband, Adele focused on getting in shape. She did this by following a healthy diet plan and workout routine, including pilates. The British diva is definitely feeling good about herself with her new look, as she should!

On her Instagram account, she posted an emotional message expressing joy and nostalgia after watching the Spice Girls reunion show. She said she had been to Wembley 21 years ago at the age of 10. Now, the British icon is thrilled to relive the emotion she felt as a child watching her idols again. She admits that the Spice Girls were a great inspiration for her to pursue her own dreams. After the show, she finally got to meet Ginger, her favorite spice girl, and she spent the whole night with them drinking and dancing.

Alongside being a mom to her son, Angelo, Adele now focuses on herself, and it shows. We know she had to put in a lot of hard work to achieve her current slim look. The star joined a gym with her friend Ayda Field, and her new workout has gotten her into incredible shape. Now that she is that fit, we’re sure Adelle has more energy to go out and have fun. She has set her mind on being a great mom and an excellent example to her son by taking good care of her health; The weight loss was an added value.

A couple of days after the show, sporty-spice actually saw Adelle in the gym, as she revealed in an interview to SiriusXM: “She looks incredible, she is working out hard.”

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